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Hafferman Engineering, Inc. - Water Rights Services

Water Rights
Hafferman Engineering, Inc. provides one of the State’s most recognized and knowledgeable staff in the field of Montana’s DNRC water right permitting and compliance processes. Offering complete services related to the DNRC’s new water rights permitting process, water right change applications, existing claims examination, road construction water rights, aquifer testing and analysis, form filing, and water rights research services. Our staff offers a thorough knowledge of the DNRC water right legal staff and hearings processes including previous service as a hearings officer in a DNRC’s controlled groundwater area hearing. Our staff provides knowledge and experience working with the Montana Water Court, and knowledge and experience working with the State and Federal government’s water right compacting process including service on a Salish and Kootenai Tribes water right compact committee and participation in the USFS water right compact process. We associate with the State’s finest water resources professionals including other water resources consultants and legal firms whose expertise spans both State and federal water right and water resources law.

Hydrography Hafferman Engineering Inc. provides highly qualified staff that have years of training and experience taking accurate and reliable stream flow measurements in all types of rivers, streams, creeks and canals. We own and routinely use 6/10ths top setting rods, Marsh McBirney, Price AA and Pygmy flow meters and we follow the Standard Streamflow Operating Procedure established by the US EPA and the USGS. We have the capability and experience necessary to provide streamflow information for a wide variety of uses including flood prediction, water management and allocation, engineering design, and water rights physical availability data. We have established staff gauges for continuous record of stage, we have designed and constructed flumes and weirs, we commonly take periodic measurements of discharge, we have developed many methods for defining the relation between the stage and discharge, and we routinely convert measured stage data into estimates of streamflow or discharge.