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Billmayer & Hafferman, Inc. - Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering
We offer a full range of civil engineering services including planning, design, and construction. Our engineering staff has extensive experience in all aspects of general civil engineering including waste water treatment, bridges, roads, railways, hydraulic structures, storm drains and storm detention systems, domestic water supply, irrigation water supply, environmental law and site review, flood control, transportation and traffic.

Construction Management
Hafferman Engineering, Inc. will provide the highest level of confidence as your construction project management team or consultant. We provide expertise in soils, concrete, and asphalt testing to assure your projects quality control and quality assurance. We offer in-house soils testing and analysis as well as working with the regions best testing laboratories to provide independent results.

Water & Wastewater
Hafferman Engineering, Inc. water and wastewater designs have proven superior performance. We provide years of experience developing the necessary groundwater wells, pipelines, and distributions system to meet your projects water needs. To ensure the highest quality of wastewater discharge, our engineers develop wastewater treatment services utilizing the latest pressure dose and secondary treatment designs. We strive to lead in use of new wastewater treatment technology including implementation of Montana’s new gray water laws. Our design services include primary and secondary treatment plants, state of the art drainfield designs, force main distribution systems, effluent and sewage pumps and analysis and permitting of the discharge of treated wastewater.

We provide over 30 years of combined hydrologic experience using the most recent, as well as the tried and true, hydrologic analysis techniques. We can provide the experience and expertise required to assure that your hydrologic analysis meets the necessary governmental review standards while providing information for a competent hydraulic design.

Our highly experienced engineers can provide design for many hydraulic structures from raw water and effluent pump stations to open channel concrete structures ranging through most science and engineering disciplines. We cover concepts related to fluid mechanics, fluid control circuitry, pumps, turbines, hydropower, computational fluid dynamics, stream flow measurement, and river channel behavior and erosion. You can depend upon our experience for an exceptional hydraulic analysis and design.

Subdivision Planning
Our staff provides over 30 years of experience working on subdivisions throughout all of western Montana. Our experience and expertise on the governmental review requirements related to subdivisions spans all agencies from the City and County governments to State and Federal agencies. Our staff is comprised of employees that bring over 16 years of State employment with first-hand knowledge of the workings of State government.

Land Use Planning
Hafferman Engineering Inc. can provide technical assistance to cities, counties, municipalities and private individuals as they proceed through their land use planning activities, including comprehensive plans, ordinance development and regional development projects.

Surveying and AutoCad
We specialize in topographic mapping services and location for both government and private standards and provide complete AutoCAD plans and mapping to assist our clients. We offer full-service solutions to our clients land location and survey reference needs.

Hazardous Materials Training
Hafferman Engineering, Inc. has two staff engineers who are 40-hour HAZWOPER trained and certified. We maintain our own personal protective equipment and can mobilize quickly to provide your project with engineering analysis and advice in hazardous or contaminated areas.

Open Channel Hydraulics
Our expert services include detailed analysis of river, stream, creek and lakes hydraulics, hydrology and floodplain boundaries. Our services include open channel hydraulics modeling using computer models for culvert, bridge, stream and river hydraulics analysis and design. We offer analysis services to delineate your stream bed and banks, your irrigation canal systems, and any hydraulic structures. We can provide over 15 years of hydrographic knowledge and experience measuring water in open channels and streams with instantaneous flow measurements as well as long term stream gauging stations.